7 basic Yoga asanas practice techniques to make yoga poses more in place. You should not miss

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7 basic Yoga asanas practice techniques to make yoga poses more in place. You should not miss

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Everyone around you has been exposed to and even very much like yoga. For those who have been practicing yoga, her temperament is gradually improving, and her body flexibility is higher so that her every move in life sends out a kind of gentle temperament. So yoga is essential for women. It can make women's figures more perfect. Character is nobler.

If you still need to start practicing yoga, please begin quickly. Today, I will share several typical yoga asanas with sound exercise effects among several yoga groups. We must pay attention to the control of motion range and posture standards in yoga practice.

7 basic Yoga asanas practice techniques to make yoga poses more in place.

1. magic chair pose.

This asks us to imagine a chair behind us and then sit into it slowly.

Start with the most basic position, then sit with your hips down, put your whole heart on your heels, and actively bend your knees to lower your hips rather than kneeling forward.

At the same time, extend your hands diagonally up your body to keep your balance. We want to feel a stretch in our spine, a drooping shoulder, and no tension.

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2. eagle pose

It's more challenging than the previous move and requires us to cross our legs while lowering our hips so that one-foot lands on the sole and the other foot lands on the tip of the foot

. Cross your hands over your body as well. Let one hand touch the palm of the other, look ahead, breathe evenly and keep your balance.

Be careful not to shrug your shoulders. This can lead to a very ugly posture, with your arms going up and your shoulders going down.

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3.standing forward bends.

The standard move is to have our hips, knees, and heels in a straight line, with the whole body folded downward, centered around the hips.

Keep your back straight and bend your elbows so that your palms are touching the floor. This exercise will test our flexibility. If you can't do it, you can use a yoga block to increase the height of the training.

Please pay attention to relaxing your head and shoulders, let the spine naturally stretch, and the abdomen should be as close to the thighs as possible.

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4. Standing forward, bend on one leg

Build on the previous move and raise one leg behind your body. Make sure that the leg is extended diagonally above your body.

Your pelvis should be straight so that your thighs turn inward and your knees and instep face the mat.

If the pelvis is not straight enough, our spine will tilt to the right, and our body will lose balance.

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5. double Angle poses.

Start by standing on a yoga mat with your feet a certain distance apart and leaning your upper body down.

Position your back and hips at an Angle of fewer than 90 degrees or about 80 degrees, then touch your fingertips to the floor. Use a yoga block if you can't.

Be careful not to bend your back.

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6. dance pose

First, let's stand on one leg on a yoga mat, raise one leg and bend the knee, then let the hand on the same side of the body grab the ankle of the raised leg as far as possible.

Reach the other hand out in front of your body, and be careful not to roll out when lifting your leg. Rotate your leg inward and keep your pelvis as straight as possible.

Raise the leg to let the calf and arm strength against, as far as possible, to send force.

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7. Goddesses pose.

First, our feet are about the length of one leg apart, not too spread. Let us squat on both sides of the legs of the knee and buttocks to keep in a straight line.

Rotate your feet to the outside of your body with your heels aligned. Then bring your hands together in front of you. Look ahead. Lift your head and open your shoulders to your sides.

If you don't know if you're doing it properly, find a wall, put your back against it, remember how it feels to have a straight back, and then keep that feeling going again.

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There are many magical places in yoga. You need to understand slowly. After practicing yoga, you will find that your mood is very comfortable and the whole person is full of energy. In the life of their own troubles or can not think of things, all suddenly enlightened in the practice of yoga after the moment. Therefore, yoga exercises bring us not only physical benefits but also spiritual help. And the standard yoga movement is the most basic and important thing to practice yoga. We must master well.

Yoga is more than just a set of popular or trendy fitness exercises. Yoga is a very ancient practice of the knowledge of energy, combining philosophy, science, and art.


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