What are the 10 Basic Yoga Moves to Get Started?

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What are the 10 Basic Yoga Moves to Get Started?

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Sub-health is a kind of physical state before suffering from the disease. If it is severe, it will cause the dysfunction of various body systems, including fatigue, neurasthenia, decreased attention, insomnia, headache, indigestion, constipation, diarrhoea and other discomfort symptoms. In addition to paying more attention to healing in life, yoga's correct and scientific practice to improve the sub-health state is beneficial. The yoga poses can encourage the body to expel toxins, stabilize the endocrine system, and regulate the five viscera and six organs. Today we're going to learn ten basic yoga moves.

Basic Yoga moves

1.Hero forward bend

Kneel on the surface of the mat with your feet closed

The butt sits on the heel.

Both knees open slightly larger than the hips.

Inhale to extend the spine, breathing body forward and down

Maintain 5-8 inspirations

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2. Locust pose

Lie on the surface of the pad on the side and hold your hands behind the body

Breathe. Keep your head up and your legs back up.

The arms are straight back and extended.

Keep your legs together and tighten them for 5-8 breaths.

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3. Small bridge type

Lie on a flat surface with your knees bent close to your buttocks

Open your feet hip-width apart, and lift your calves upright.

Breathe to lift hip bone, hands back, hand

The upper sternal lift opens and maintains 5-8 inspirations.

Repeat for 2-3 sets

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4, inclined plate & four-post type

Lie on your side on the surface of your pad with your hands on either side of your sternum

Feet shoulder-width apart

Inhale to extend the spine and breathe to tighten the core

Straight arms into the slant

Maintain 5 to 8 inhalations and bend your elbows down

Keep your arms parallel to the floor and maintain 5-8 inspirations.

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5. Downward-facing dog

Work your way up from the slant.

Straighten your legs, arms, and spine

Press your heels down for 5-8 inhalations

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6. Double Angle

Stand in a mountain pose with two feet open, slightly more significant than one long leg.

Feet ahead, inhale to extend the spine.

Hold both hands back, breathing body forward and down.

Hold your arms back and up for 5 to 8 inhales.

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7. Hold the baby pose

Sit and stand on the surface of the mat.

Bend right knee and bring left foot to left elbow

Wrap your right arm around your right leg, bringing it close to your torso

Maintain 5 to 8 inspirations, switch to the other side

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8. Beam Angle

Sit and stand on the mat's surface with knees bent and feet together.

Inhale to extend the spine and grip the front foot with both hands

Breathe your body forward and down, maintaining five to eight inhalations

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9. Single leg back extension

Sit on the surface of the pad and bend your left knee.

Bring your left leg to the base of your right thigh.

Inhale to extend the spine, breathing torso forward and down

Hold the front foot tightly with both hands for 5-8 inhalations.

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10. Half pigeon

Kneel on a cushion and lean forward

Bend your right knee forward at the front of your body

Keep your hands at your sides.

Put your right foot near your hip and straighten your left leg.

Inhale extends the spine and exhales the trunk forward and down.

Hold for 5-8 breaths and switch to the other side.

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Yoga is more than just a set of popular or trendy fitness exercises. Yoga is a very ancient practice of the knowledge of energy, combining philosophy, science, and art.


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