What material is suitable for yoga wear?

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What material is suitable for yoga wear?

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Yoga seems to be the first choice for women to keep fit or exercise their body shape. Especially after the promotion and popularization of yoga courses over the years, more and more female friends practice yoga to relax after work or study. Of course, to practice yoga, there must be comfortable yoga clothes, which can reduce the feeling of bondage in the practice process.

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What material is suitable for yoga clothing

1.Nylon yoga clothing: 

It is known that nylon has a very outstanding performance in both wear resistance and elasticity, which is just in line with the usage scene required by yoga clothing. To make yoga clothing have more excellent elasticity, clothing manufacturers will spin 5% to 10% spandex (Lycra) into the production of yoga clothing, and the price of this kind of fabric is low. This kind of yoga clothing with very high-cost performance in the market to achieve good sales.

2.Polyester yoga wear: 

Some yoga wear on the market is made of polyester or polyester + spandex. Although polyester fibre has good strength and wear resistance, yoga wear made of this fabric has minimal air permeability, so it may not be suitable for wearing yoga in the hot summer. Still, the corresponding price of polyester yoga wear will be lower than that of nylon.

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3 Cotton yoga clothing: 

Pure cotton is also a good choice for yoga clothing production because the cotton fabric has good moisture absorption. Cotton is very suitable for producing sports cloth. Still, its performance in terms of wear resistance could be better than nylon and other chemical fibre fabrics, which will more or less shrink or wrinkle after wearing it for a long time or after washing. The price of pure cotton yoga clothes is higher than the two introduced above.

Yoga is more than just a set of popular or trendy fitness exercises. Yoga is a very ancient practice of the knowledge of energy, combining philosophy, science, and art.


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